1. Randal

    I am attempting this conversion on a 2008 Bonneville. I can’t find the stator wires you show in your first photo. I have the Haynes service manual as well and still can’t locate them or the black connector you show. I’m stuck and can’t even get started. Any advice?

  2. Randal

    I was finally able to find the stator wires on my 2008 Bonneville. The black connector was located under the frame and behind the battery box, and required loosening the 4 upper battery box bolts to drop the battery box enough to get the stator wire connector free from under the frame. From that point on, your description was very helpful. Thanks.

    • Hey Randal,

      Glad you found your wires! I’ll throw up another picture tomorrow of where the stator wires leave the engine casing so folks can follow them back to the connectors. I removed the stock airbox / battery bucket a while back in favor of straight K&N filters. Once you remove the airbox the connector is just hanging there very easy to access. Glad this post was helpful regardless. I took my new R/R for a 1500 mile ride through all sorts of rain in Vermont and New Hampshire this past month. My headlight was bright and my battery well charged through the whole ordeal. Great upgrade IMHO.

  3. Johan

    So, Does It matter in what order the stator Wires goes in to the Rectifier? All three look the same… (I do understand that the power and ground cables have to match up…)

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