1. Dickon Reed

    A default value for STEPS is defined in do_build.sh before the config file is included. Did you not run the setupoe step first?

  2. I’ll clean up the accuracy of that “no default value” statement. There’s a default but it’s hidden in a script, not in the config file.

    To your second point I did run ‘setupoe’ manually before the full ./do_build.sh as I had to regenerate ‘local.conf’ a few times to get this right. Good catch. I’ll fix this up too.


  3. Jed

    The git cloning command should read:
    git clone git://github.com/OpenXT/openxt.git

  4. Bill

    Philip, I have been attempting the build on various OSs (RHLE7,RHEL6) and I think I will be able to resolve the issues with OE eventually. I have gone back and started from scratch using Debian squeeze using the i386 installation DVDs on an i7 platform. The arch is showing up as x86_64. Before I get too far down the road (first build attempt and error was last night/this morning) can you tell me if that combination is known to build OK?

  5. Hey Bill. Saw some of your posts to the list and it looks like you’re making progress. The definitive docs for building OXT are the ones on the wiki. I’m not keeping this post updated and really it would just be redundant / cause confusion. I’ll make this more clear in the UPDATES at the top of the post and I’ll lock the comments here too.

    Thanks for the interest & see you on the list!

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