Monthly Archives October 2009

Extracting table schema from database

As part of rehabilitating an old project I’ve had to go through a fairly sizable MySQL database and extract the table structure. I’m doing this for knowledge capture. Currently the schema is only known to the internals of the software that operates on the database, there’s no documentation to speak of (oh what I’d do […]

Nokia N97 v20 firmware update requires Windows

Rant alert! I was so pumped for this new firmware. Anything that makes my phone run better is a good thing. It’s even better when I can actually install it though! What the crap?!?! That’s right I can’t install it. Nokia is only distributing it initially for installation through their software updater that’s tied to […]

The Joys of Inheriting an Old Web Site

When we took over the code was pretty much just dumped on our laps. We got a tar ball of the code (well the whole site really), a database dump, and a pat on the back. No install script, no documentation, just 53000 lines of PHP, some HTML and some users … great.

Minimal GStreamer App

So in my last post (way back when) I was talking about transcoding some video. I wanted to use GStreamer to do the job but HandBreak was so much easier (pretty cool app too). So after I got the transcoding working with HandBreak I started playing around with GStreamer to see what it would take to code up a small app to do the job.