Monthly Archives December 2009

Installing Voyage on new ALIX system

Back around 2005 I was still new to Linux. I had settled into running Debian on my desktop and I needed a new project. At the time I had a crappy DLink router / access point that would get “confused” quite consistently and had to be reset. After a roommate of mine moved out and […]

ThinkPad x61s UltraBay docking script

UPDATE: I’ve updated this script with a much better design because SELinux wouldn’t let me muck around with X’s tmp files. Over a year ago I decided to pick up a new ThinkPad, this time the ultra portable x61s. My desktop was aging and I needed mobility more than anything else. I had always […]

Winter Project: Raleigh

Two weeks ago I took a few hours to start in on my “winter project”. In Syracuse it’s always good to have a project lined up for the winter months, when the passing of days can sometimes only be measured by the shift from a dark gray to a lighter shade and back (not like […]