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Minuteman Bikeway and the Bike Stop

With today a wash because of Irene, I figured I’d write up a fun bike ride I took last weekend on the Minuteman Bikeway. It’s a fun ride but on a Sunday it’s pretty crowded. There’s a good mix of little kids and Lance Armstrong wannabes, perfect for keeping things interesting. I covered the whole […]

Debian Squeeze Bluetooth Headset

Working out of my “home office” these past two weeks I’ve found a few short comings in my setup. While on my first teleconference last week I spent an hour holding my cellphone to my head. Miserable. I never thought I’d miss a land line / speaker phone. Easy problem to solve though, just get […]

sVirt-like prototype

We’re getting close to the end of my on-going series exploring the SELinux mlsconstrain. Now that we’ve gone though and used some simple logic to reason through access control decisions it’s time for a simple and practical application. Background In my first post under my MastersProject tag I laid out some of the justification for […]

EliteBook 2560p Intel 82579LM Debian Squeeze Install

Started with a new employer (Citrix) today. Naturally my first task of setting up a development system was more work than I wanted it to be. Turns out the EliteBook 2560p has Intel 83579LM network hardware and the Debian Squeeze e1000 driver predates it. Using ‘testing’ is always an option but not a very stable […]