Monthly Archives March 2012

Linux bridge forward EAPOL 8021x frames

XenClient is no different from other Xen configurations in that the networking hardware is shared between guests through a bridge hosted in dom0 (or a network driver domain in the case of XenClient XT). For most use cases the standard Linux bridge will route your traffic as expected. We ran into an interesting problem however […]

OE-Core Yocto gcc timeout

I’ve been thrashing around trying to get the upstream OE to build an image for me. Today I finally made a concerted effort over a few hours to dive deep and do this right. It turns out I was using the “old” OE repos when I should have been using the “new” build system from […]

LaTeX for your Resume / CV

I’m far from a ninja when it comes to but I’m a big fan. I’ve written a bit about formatting logical expressions for past homework exercises. I’ve also used it in blog posts for doing the same. It’s a very useful tool even if you’re just a using basic templates like me. A major driver […]