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TXT Capable Desktop Virtualization System

Having worked on XenClient XT for the past year I’ve experienced the pain of debugging vendors TXT implementations first hand. TXT may be a nearly 6 year old technology but it’s just now coming into use and many vendors platforms have only received internal testing. We’ve found a number of ways for platforms to fail […]

Troubles with Ovi Store after upgrading N8 to Anna

I took some time yesterday to upgrade my beloved Nokia N8 to the new(ish) Symbian^3 Anna build and it wasn’t a smooth upgrade. Upgrading through the Ovi Suite went well enough but applications like the Ovi Store just wouldn’t work after the upgrade. The Ovi Store application would install and start but would sit on […]

Spanish Thruxton

I travel a bunch but I’ve only traveled internationally twice now. Interestingly enough in my short trips to both the UK and Spain I’ve ran into my Thruxton’s foreign relatives. Naturally, the Spanish Thruxton I came across this week in Barcelona is red.

Minuteman Bikeway and the Bike Stop

With today a wash because of Irene, I figured I’d write up a fun bike ride I took last weekend on the Minuteman Bikeway. It’s a fun ride but on a Sunday it’s pretty crowded. There’s a good mix of little kids and Lance Armstrong wannabes, perfect for keeping things interesting. I covered the whole […]

Mosfet R/R on Triumph Thruxton

A while back the charging system on my Thruxton started failing. I found this out one morning while I was a few hundred miles from home in New Hampshire, my bike wouldn’t turn over. Luckily the place I was staying had a battery charger (dumb luck) and a few hours later my battery was back […]

2011 ride up Vermont route 100

My vacation last week was spent on the road riding with a few buddies. The highlight was definitely the ride out to Bike Week. We spent the night in Wilminton VT, rode up route 100 to 17, then back down to 89 then on to Alton Bay … with a stop at the Broken Spoke […]

Icon 7614 shocks arrive damaged

After trying a set of KYBs from a Kawasaki ZRX and finding them too big to fit under my Predator exhaust I started looking for a set of shocks with a lower profile. I found these Icon 7614s on the They don’t have all of the adjustments that the KYBs do but they definitely […]

Kawasaki ZRX KYB shocks on ’04 Thruxton

I spent some time recently searching for a new set of shocks for my Thruxton. I’ve made a number of performance upgrades but I’ve kept the stock shocks in place even though they’re pretty crappy. There’s a lot of options for this upgrade so hopefully my experience will be useful to someone out there weighting […]

Thruxton ignition relocation

The weather’s starting to get nice and since I don’t have a garage to work in over the winter, I had to wait for nice weather to work on my Thruxton … in my driveway. Joker Machine makes some really nice bolt-ons and they’re pretty spendy so over the winter I picked up a few […]

Route from Syracuse to Laconia

It’s getting close bike week in Laconia NH and I’m planning out another route from Syracuse NY to the event (ending point is Alton Bay). Previously I’ve made a run straight across using major highways (boring and dangerous) and a much more fun route through Vermont down route 100. This year I’m planning to re-create […]